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Autumn Case, LMSW

Mental Health Therapist

Practicing Since: 2023

Client Population: Age 6y+

Pronouns: She/hers/her

Training & Education:

Bachelors of Social Work (University of Northern Iowa)

Masters of Social Work (Capella University)

Collaborative Problem Solving

Primary Areas of Focus:

- Anxiety, Depression

- ADHD & Childhood disorders

- School related issues

- Grief & Loss

- Trauma


Approach to therapy:

I use a strengths-based, client-centered approach to therapy that highlights the skills of each individual. We work together to navigate areas of concern while building on these assets to promote healing and mental wellness.

What makes you different from other therapists?

I provide a safe and open space for clients to talk about their unique situations and stressors that have led them to seeking therapy. I strongly believe that laughter is a crucial tool to navigating stress and use humor when appropriate throughout sessions. I strive to make the therapeutic process as comfortable as possible and work to make everyone feel welcomed, valued, and important.

Autumn Case, LMSW
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