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Walk In/Attendance

When a patient starts services at Center Associates, they are scheduled for their first initial appointment with a therapist or med provider.  At the end of that appointment, they may schedule up to three therapy appointments and/or one medication appointment in the future.  Each time they come for an appointment, another appointment can be added when they leave.  A patient may have 3 therapy appointments and/or one medication management appointment scheduled in advance. 
24 hour notice is requested for cancelling appointments so that we can ensure that we can serve all of our patients well.  The patient should let us know as soon as possible when they cannot make a scheduled appointment.  This helps us fill that slot with a patient from our wait list.
After 3 missed appointments in the previous 12 months, future appointments will be cancelled.  Please call our office for further scheduling questions. 

If a patient misses 3 appointments in the previous 12 months, they will be placed on Walk In status.  They will get a letter in the mail stating that they have been put on Walk In status. 
Walk In status means that their future appointments will be cancelled and they will not be able to schedule appointments ahead of time.  However, other options then become available for seeing a therapist or med provider: 
· Come to Walk In clinic times.  See times to the right.
· Call any day and ask for a same day appointment for therapy or medication management.
· Ask to be put on your provider’s wait list.   Our staff will call you if we have an opening or cancellation the same day.
If a person who is on Walk In status would like to be able to schedule appointments again, they can come to any walk in therapy or medication management time to create a plan for keeping scheduled appointments and being removed from Walk In status.

Some people find that Walk In status works much better for them and we’ve increased our Walk In hours to accommodate those patients.
When a person is on Walk In status, they may see a provider for therapy without an appointment at the following times.  Length of therapy appointment will be at the therapist’s discretion and are on a first-come, first-served basis.
Therapy or Medication management

  • Therapy:

    • Mon through Fri 1pm-3pm

  • Medication Management

    • Thursday 1pm-2pm


  • Medication Management

    • Wednesday 1pm-1:30pm

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