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Bob Moore, LEMHC, PhD.

Mental Health Therapist

Practicing Since: 1991

Client Population: 18+

Training & Education:

- Master of Arts in Community Counseling (Iowa State University)

- Bachelor of Arts, Educational Specialist, Ph.D (University of Florida)

Primary Areas of Focus:

- Marriage & Couples Counseling

- Extramarital affairs

- Adult abuse

- Caregiver burnout

- Grief and loss

- Depression, Anxiety disorders, Bipolar

What makes you different from other therapists?

"Years of experience as a marriage and couples counselor and years of experience in a wide range of individual counseling. I also have a lot of experience with young people regarding academics and career guidance."

Approach to therapy:

"I have a strong Rogerian style, which includes a lot of listening and reflecting. I also have a genuine persuit of getting to know the client under the presenting problems. I have a strong belief in helping to better society, families, and inviduals."

Bob Moore, LEMHC, PhD.
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