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Paul Daniel, LMHC, PhD

Executive Director, Mental Health Therapist

Practicing Since: 1993

Client Population: Age 4+

Training & Education:

- Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology (North Central University)

- Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

- Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

- Collaborative Problem Solving

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- Clinical Supervision

- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Primary Areas of Focus:

- Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD

- ADHD, ODD, Conduct Concerns

- Family & Parenting Concerns

- Relationship & Couples concerns

- Spiritual and Faith-based Counseling

- Culturally Diverse Concerns

- Anger Management

​- Community Consultation and Education on Mental/Emotional (brain) health

Approach to therapy:

"My approach varies with each individual. I strive to deeply understand the individual’s perspectives, thoughts, and feelings through active listening, empathy and trust building. I demonstrate my commitment to comprehending the individual’s internal space establishing a transparent therapeutic relationship."

​What makes you different from other therapists?

"Counseling is not work; it is my “calling.” My passion to see wellness in self and others drive me to come alongside of all. Every individual is unique, and every session can present different challenges and opportunities for growth. This diversity keeps the work fresh and engaging, encouraging continuous learning and adaptation of therapeutic techniques. I continue to learn with the latest research, techniques, and approaches to enhance my skills and offer the best possible support for those I help."

Paul Daniel, LMHC, PhD
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